ABN AMRO Mtge. Group, Inc. v. Kangah.

No. 2009-0553.Supreme Court of Ohio.
May 6, 2009.

Cuyahoga App. No. 91401, 2009-Ohio-359.

On review of order certifying a conflict. The court determines that a conflict exists. The parties are to brief the issue stated in the court of appeals’ Journal Entry filed March 18, 2009:

“Whether the doctrine of equitable subrogation applies when a prior lien is satisfied with loan proceeds and (1) the party asserting the doctrine intended to hold the first and best lien, and (2) the competing lienholder had the expectation that its interest would be junior at the time that it received its interest, where the party asserting the doctrine has no actual knowledge of the competing lien due to its mistake or the mistake of a third party.”

The conflict cases are Alegis Group L.P. v. Lerner, Delaware App. No. 2004-CAE-05038, 2004-Ohio-6205;

Page 1472

Leppo, Inc. v. Kiefer (Jan. 31, 2001), Summit App. Nos. 20097 and 20105; and Assoc. Financial Serv. Corp. v. Miller, Portage App. No. 2001-P-46, 2002-Ohio-1610.