Supreme Court of Ohio.

ADMINISTRATIVE DOCKET Monday, October 15, 1990
1. Amendments to the Rules of Superintendence for Courts of Appeals (Rules 3 and 99) and the Rules of

Page 718

Superintendence for Courts of Common Pleas (Rules 76, 77 and 99) were adopted, effective October 5, 1990.

2. The following persons were appointed to the Mayor’s Court Education and Procedure Standards Advisory Committee, effective September 25, 1990: Hon. D. William Evans, Jr.; Hon. Priscilla S. O’Donnell; Hon. David H. Madison; Hon. Tim S. Crawford; Hon. Verida F. Mallory; Hon. John S. Dowlin; Hon. William Hines; Ronald Treon; Keith A. Kochheiser; Joseph A. Gambino; H. Ritchey Hollenbaugh; and Richard A. Dove, Supreme Court Liaison to the Committee.